What is a 7 star metallic?


Star Rating System BRIEFLY explained
NOTICE: I need to make this very clear. There is no golden rule as to this system but here's a quick reference guide (that is certainly up to debate) as to how I grade MY OWN pieces. Metallics have been around forever. There is soo much more to stars then just metallic paper. Meltzer has a star system....Here's mine.
Read this before reading the rest of the post...
(See this link if you are confused... https://www.sescoops.com/.../dave-meltzer-awards-7.../...)
There are at least seven VERY important factors that come into play when you judge an autograph that you are going to purchase. Those areas are:
1. Photo paper (Metallic, glossy, mate, card stock, printer paper, etc)
2. image quality (how clean is the image? any pixelation or fuzziness)
3. marker type (paint pen, sharpie, quality paint pen vs. cheap paint pen)
4. signature location (did they sign on their body? Did they sign on something when there was significant open space to sign elsewhere)
5. marker color (does the marker color match the photo? Does the signature blend into the image)
6. signature quality (is it a full signature? Is it a rushed signature? Is it going to pass 3rd party cert easily?)
7. Are there smudges or line skips (is the autograph free from blemishes or accidental skips/corrections)
These make up your "seven star" system. (yes 7 factors, but doesn't mean that every one of them is weighted the same either)
So the idea of a 7 star piece is...it's truly something special. It means that the piece isn't being phoned in, but it's full signature beauty on the right paper and great quality.
The 4 star idea was to define something that was just your run of the mill average piece.
You've seen some fantastic pieces that i've had that point blank are 7 star quality, but if they are signed in the wrong color, and in the wrong place... they aren't 7 stars.